ReverseTap Twin unit, Counter top

In our dispenser range you find both in counter and counter top products, all with their each advantages. The in counter dispenser is beautifully integrated in your bar disc while the counter top versions have LCD screen or backlight and are easy to move.

This dispenser is part of the basic product line of ReverseTap. The LCD screen at the front can be used to play videos for marketing and entertainment.


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  • Main frame
  • Plate
  • Hole covers (2)
  • 2 Set of grippers
  • Nozzle (2)
  • Adapter
  • Remote control


  • 7″ LCD
  • Speaker
  • Video can be auto-played once USB with video contents is plugged in. (USB slot is located at the bottom left of the front frame)
  • Each dispenser can serve different liquids


  • After disassembling the nozzle and gripper, rinse the dispense with warm water. (Don’t use the scrubber). Place the lids on top of the dispenser during non-operation.

Software upgrade

  • S/W version can be upgraded with USB. (USB slot is located at the bottom right of the front frame)


  • Dispensing area (upper part): 100% waterproof
  • Display area (control part): Water resistant