why reversetap

When it comes to Reversetap, it is all about the benefits. Read more here!

The benefits of Reversetap

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the savings

The ReverseTap dispenser has a controlled mechanism where you choose the exact amount of pour and also the amount of head (if pouring beer). Compared to conventional tapping where you can experience approximately 15% loss in over flow and keg loss, the ReverseTap dispenser has a minimal waste of  approximately 2%. Easy calculations shows a saving of 13% in comparison and looking at a 30 liter keg this means a saving of 3.9 liters, and for a 50 liter keg you will have a saving of 6.5 liters.

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We are talking exceptionally fast service! The ReverseTap Machines are so fast that one trained bartender can fill up to 12 cups per minute, that is 5 SECONDS PER CUP (depending on cup size) and 4 times faster than  conventional dispensing. Imagine this super fast service during a sports/Music/festivals event – the supporters will love you! And you will love them as they will buy much more.

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labour saving

The ReverseTap system is “hands-free”, which means the bartender can do other chores, like payments or sell other items i.e. popcorn or hotdogs, while the beer is pouring. This is not only fast and efficient towards the customers, it is also a big labour saving. We will soon introduce different self-serve systems where the labour saving is enormous.

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The ReverseTap system is so much more than a fun and spectacular way to serve beer, it also gives you the opportunity to show your latest advertisement on the 7″ LCD screen at the front of the dispenser. The video is easily installed via USB. There is also practical space for logotypes on each side of the LCD screen.